AM Micro launches V-Moda luxury earphones in the UK

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vmoda.jpgAM Micro has launched the V-Moda luxury earphones in the UK, aimed very much at the fashion-conscious, but still offering a premium sound quality.

The range includes three models, remix m-class, bassFréq. and the top of the range V-Moda vibe. The remix m-class, and its in-ear bassFréq version are both available in metallic colours designed to compliment the iPod nano range (as you can see from the image) as a replacement for the traditional white earphones. All models promise excellent audio quality, but the vibe model adds noise isolation and a sculpted metal design to the mix. And to ensure a perfect fit, three sizes and two colours of ultra-soft silicon fittings are provided.

AM Micro claims the V-Moda headphones are tested by both real world users (including DJs, musicians and athletes and professional audio engineers) and unlike “studio monitor” style audio reproduction, with a flat response curve, the V-Moda sound is tuned for listening. That means a fuller bass and more crisp highs.

All three models are available now. The V-Moda remix m-class retail at £34, the V-Moda bassFréq also at £34 and the V-Moda vibe are available for £69.

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