Sakar launches iView for iPod video – more screen, better sound

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During our CES coverage, Belkin displayed a prototype video player for the iPod, which offered more screen and better sound for your portable player. While the company ponders if the prototype was a success, Sakar has nipped in and unveiled a completed model – the iView.

Very much like your standard portable DVD player (you know, those players supposedly made redundant by the iPod video), it features a 7-inch widescreen display, built-in stereo speakers, thin frame, AV output, and rechargeable battery.

But there is the one difference – instead of sticking in your DVD disc, you slip in your iPod video into the central space. It’s still not clear if this comes in white as well as the black, or indeed if it’s heading to the UK. It is set for the US though, with a $150 price tag.

Sakar website

Via Engadget

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