Lifepod Rocksteady – vintage holdall meets iPod speaker system

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It might not have the sound levels of a boombox or ghetto blaster of days gone by, but the Lifepod Rocksteady has the looks, not to mention being a lot easier on your arm.

The Rocksteady models itself on the traditional sports holdall. And in all fairness, that’s what it is, with plenty of capacity to carry your gym kit or a few essentials for a weekend away. However, unlike most holdalls, this one has a sound system built in.

It’s not the most powerful of speaker systems at 3w, but it should still get you noticed as you walk down the street or stand at the bus stop. And connectivity is simple, with all the cables you need to hook up an iPod, MP3 player or any other portable audio device.

Available online, you can pick one up for $130 (around £70).

Lifepod website

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