PocketParty micro speaker system

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Sometimes you want to keep your music to yourself. Sometimes you want to blast the content of your portable player all over house (in that case, I’d recommend you look at the Boomtube speaker system) and other times you just might want to hear your favourites without having to stick some plugs into your ears. If it’s the latter, it might be worth checking out the PocketParty micro speaker system.

The PocketParty weighs just 52 grams. Just slot it into the bottom of any iPod with a dock connecter to play your music through the small scale speaker system. The PocketParty throws out around 1 watt of stereo sound from its two tiny speakers and plays for up to 10 hours using a single AA battery. It also features volume control and comes in black or white to match your player.

You can pick it up for about £25.

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