ITV broadband set for March launch

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Hot on the heels of Channel 4’s 4oD comes ITV’s broadband viewing service, which is set to officially launch in March. But there’s one big difference – the ITV’s online programming will be subscription-free.

Details are still a little sketchy, but most content from all four ITV channels will be streamed via PC. The exceptions are likely to be sports-based shows (football in particular). The ‘free’ aspect isn’t ITV getting all charitable, it’s just a different business model, using ads for revenue instead of a subscription fee.

ITV has appointed Annelies van den Belt, previously Director of New Media at the Telegraph Media Group and brains behind the Times Online project, as Managing Director of the broadband team.

According to Jeff Henry, Director of ITV’s Consumer: “Plans for our broadband portal are ambitious and well advanced. Bringing on board an industry leader like Annelies is a hugely significant step”.

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