iFrogz launches Tadpole iPod case for kids

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tadpole01.jpgThe times are long gone when you could fob your children off with a cheap plastic music box or pretend tape player. Nowadays, they want the same gadgets you have!

Following last week’s news that Hasbro is working with Creative Labs on some baby-friendly MP3 players, now we hear that accessory firm iFrogz is bringing out an iPod case aimed at kids. Called the Tadpole, it’s colourful, rugged, and laughs in the face of dust and lint.

It’s out soon in the US, costing $19.99, and is made of 100% silicone. Your iPod sits in the middle, with two big grip handles on either side, making it easy to hold. Okay, so it does give it the slight look of a frisbee, but the Tadpole contains extra shock absorbtion, which should give your gadget a fighting chance of surviving the odd fling across the room.

There’s an optional screen protector too, which takes the price to $24.99. Either way, all the iPod controls are still accessible when placed inside the Tadpole, although the bottom port is obscured, so you’ll have to remove it to charge the device. The Tadpole comes in 30GB and 60GB/80GB versions, depending what iPod you’ve got.

iFrogz Tadpole website

Stuart Dredge
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