CES 2007: Hasbro teams up with Creative for new baby-friendly MP3 players

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creative-toy1.jpgAs a father-to-be, I want the best for my child. The best gadgets, I mean. I’m not too fussed about clothing, schooling or organic rusks yet.

But show me an MP3 player that can hang in a cot pumping out Primal Scream and Black Crowes songs to indoctrinate the occupant, and I’ll be excited.

Hasbro and Creative are already on the case, with a line of prototype products called Playskool. They’re standard-looking baby toys, except with an MP3 player made by Creative that slots into the back, allowing you to fill your baby’s ears with sweet, sweet music. Or the very apt Cradle Of Filth, obviously.

babygym.jpgThere were several flavours on display, from the soft toy character pictured above, to a fully-fledged baby gym (right). The MP3 player plays up to two hours of music, and is DRM-compatible. It’s the only MP3 unit specifically made to go in cradles.

The models on show were prototypes, but they’re expected to be on sale in the Autumn in the US and Europe. They’ll all cost under the $50 mark too, making them a cheaper investment than many baby purchases *weeps at price of Bugaboo pram*

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Stuart Dredge
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