How to save £1250 a month with solar power

Energy systems


Would you trade a red clay roof for a shiny black one – if it saved you £1250 a month in mains charges? California homeowners are outfitting their houses with solar panels, getting free power, and pocketing profits from the excess. One house was using $2500 per month – “I have a whole bunch of fountains and water features and stuff like that,” Felton said – but since spending about £125,000 on a solar system and getting £70,000 back in tax refunds, his accountant estimates he’s saved about £250,000. While California is ideal for generating tons of power, it also demands more because of the year-round need for air-conditioning, so plating a house in Wales with solar is still worth investigating. [GT]

Plugging Into the Sun

Gabrielle Taylor
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