Driverless Electric Bus you hail with your mobile



Exhibiting at the London Science Museum right now is a driverless hybrid bus that you hail with your mobile. It seats up to 24 people and follows its route based on magnets embedded in the pathway. It uses considerably less energy than normal cars and buses, and costs half as much as a normal bus does to operate, since it has no driver – making it theoretically possible to double the number of buses available, especially in remote areas. However, since it has no driver, there have been glitches: an unmanned bus in France ran over a sleeping dog and killed it. Commenters have also expressed concerns about vandalism, thuggery and other unsavory behaviour taking over the buses. Can these logistical problems be solved easily enough to reap the benefits of expanded public transport at reduced environmental impact? Come by Hippyshopper and vote yay or nay! [GT]

The driverless bus you hail with your mobile [via BornRich]

Gabrielle Taylor
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