Control Robosapien with your wiimote

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wiimoteRobosapien.jpgOver at – Shiny’s Nintendo Wii blog – you can now read about how to control your Robosapien (or other WowWee robot) with nothing but your wii remote and voice. This new wiimote “hack” (in the nicest sense of the word of course) is the latest in a long line of new bluetooth functionality with the controller. There’s even an accompanying video to demonstrate.

Use open source software called Robodance to write custom scripts to control your robot or take control yourself using your wiimote and voice commands. You can even mix up the two techniques for more realistic actions. Best of all, it’s all free. Worst of all, it’s not out till February.

Head over to WiiWii now to read more about this story and other Wii-related excitements. Go on, you know want to.

John Connelly
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