College harnesses cow pat power



We noted recently that cows are producing a lot of global warming gases.  What more sensible, then, than to harness that awesome power for good instead of evil?  Which is precisely what is happening at Walford and North Shropshire College.  At their Harris Centre, cow dung is being collected and processed for power, and it’s generating £7500 a year worth – which, pleasantly, is how much power they actually need per year to operate.  Farm manager Adam Joynt said, "If you are going to put food in one end of the cow, we have to accept what comes out of the other.  We can either spread it on the field or we can put it through this digester and get the methane gas out of it."  This technology is used widely in Germany, but has only scratched the surface in the UK.  [GT]

College harnesses cow pat power [via Treehugger]

Gabrielle Taylor
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