Cloning a steer from a steak

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In Cloned Bull: the bum rap on cloned food, William Saletan addresses the technical issues of cloning beef. He mentioned a startling fact: ViaGen’s 19-month old prize steer, Elvis, “was cloned from a side of Prime Yield Grade 1 beef.” That’s right, they’re taking cells from hanging carcasses that turned out particularly well, and using them to generate new breeding stock. (At $15,000 USD per clone, they’re nowhere near the direct food chain right now.) Saletan also answers: “Why don’t reprogramming errors taint your food?” Whether or not you buy his analogy that “fertilization, like rebooting, cleans up programming errors”, one can’t argue that you (and I) should “Question your fears. That’s the difference between us and the animals.” [GT]

Cloned Bull: the bum rap on cloned food

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