Anycom FIPO turns audio iPod docks into Bluetooth receivers

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FIPO.jpgYou couldn’t fling a cat at last week’s CES show without hitting 17 home entertainment devices with iPod docks. Not that I tried, mind. They wouldn’t give my cat a show badge. Anyway, buying a spiffing new hi-fi with an iPod dock isn’t much use if you don’t have an iPod.

Except Anycom has unveiled a nifty new widget called FIPO, which plugs into any connector designed for an iPod, and functions as a Bluetooth receiver, receiving audio from any Bluetooth device – mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players or whatever. And there’ll be an increasing number of Bluetooth MP3 players in the months ahead, I promise you.

FIPO will cost $99 in the US, with mass production beginning in February – Europe included. It certainly sounds neat, although the cynic in me wonders a.) how many people really want to stream tunes from their mobile phone to their hi-fi anyway, and b.) how many MP3-player owners would opt for FIPO, rather than a much cheaper cable to connect their player to the Line-In jack on their hi-fi.

Anycom FIPO website

Stuart Dredge
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