Washingtonienne lets it all hang out (at her trial)

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Far be it for us to comment on the lurid details of a trial in far-off America, but since it impinges on whether or not we can flash our own lurid details one supposes we shall, for England. Jessica Cutler, The Washingtonienne, is being sued by her erstwhile swain, Robert Steinbuch, for discussing intimate details of their sex life online at her blog. Steinbuch wants to know how much cash she got from her “sugar daddy”. Cutler demanded Steinbuch’s student evaluations. Both are blathering their personal details into public record. The judge is puzzled by that Steinbuch is cranky about loss of privacy (and demanding $20 million for it!) but willing to engage a lawsuit where he, er, has to lay out even more of his personal being. At stake is whether or not you’re allowed to discuss your own life in public, and how, and how public. Developing. [GT]

Former Capitol Hill Aides to Air Dirty Sex Details in Blog Trial

Gabrielle Taylor
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