Terratec launches Noxon iRadio with wireless streaming

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Internet radio is coming of age, with new models popping up almost weekly. Hardly surprising – with so many is us having wireless networks, it’s as easy as using a standard radio. The latest candidate for your cash is the Noxon iRadio from Terratec.

The iRadio is dual-purpose. First and foremost, it’s an internet radio, hooking up to your network to receive any of the thousands of stations out there. Yes, there’s plenty of rubbish, but there are some great specialist shows out there. And if your connection isn’t up and running you can still pick up FM stations.

Secondly, it will playback your own audio tracks from a PC or Mac, with support for MP3 amd WMA files, along with DRM-protected files. Additional software is provided to use with a Mac – PC usage should be straightforward. The iradio also supports WEP and WPA encryption and can also be connected via ethernet.

The Noxon iRadio is available now, priced at for £150.

Terratec website

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