CES 2006: Internet radio to go from Torian


At CES last year we were quite impressed by a little device called the InFusion from an Aussie start up called Torian. Its claim to fame was that it was the first ever portable internet radio. Well a year on and there’s still no definite launch date – late spring for the US seems most likely – but it seems the boys from Oz have got manufacturing and distribution sorted and the the device is ready to roll.

Basically the InFusion clocks on to internet radio stations via Wi-Fi at any hot spot. Given that The Cloud plans to turn several UK cities into giant wireless zones that could mean the InFusion works almost everywhere. The spec looks pretty decent in that it also includes an MP3 player, FM radio and something Torian is calling a weather ticker tape banner. UK distribution is currently being sorted but the team is confident that we’ll be seeing their little baby by the end of the year priced at around £150.

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