Sansa ships e200 and c200 MP3 players to Europe with FM tuners

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We’ve covered the Sansa e200 player previously. But did you know that the models shipped to the UK of both the e200 and c200 didn’t come with an FM tuner due to “increased costs caused by tax requirements”? Well, Sandisk has obviously sorted that little problem out, shipping both models with the radio, but still offering FM-less players at a reduced cost.

Available in a variety of capacities from 1GB to 8GB (that’s around 2,000 MP3 tracks), both models also feature a microSD slot, which can boost capacity by another 500. Apart from FM, they also feature rechargeable batteries, photo viewing, voice recording via a built-in microphone and playback of MP3 and WMA files. The players are also good for DRM tracks too.

The e200 also features a scratch resistant alloy metal back casing, as well as video when used with the Sansa Media Converter. The new models should be available this month, with prices starting from around £82 for the e200 models and around £42 for the c200 players.

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