One Minute Video Review: Sansa E200 MP3 player

MP3 players, Video Reviews

Susi looks at the Sandisk Sansa E200 MP3 player. Witness the things that make it good, the things that make it rubbish (and thumb cramp) for yourself. It’s available now for £100 – £150 depending on the memory.

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  • First review of it i heard that says the menu is so crap the reviewer wanted to throw it away…hope she’s wrong, as i just ordered mine from Amazon, but i’m not too worried

  • Be nice if possibly the most important feature of the player was even touched upon… it’s ability to PLAY VIDEO!

    Also the circle you trace with your finder on the thumg ring of the Sansa is larger than the same circle you trace with the nano so I have no idea what she is talking about…

    Also since a 4gb Sansa comes in at less than a 2gb nano this review totally sucks…

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