British online shoppers take security seriously


Another e-shopping survey, this time from the British Computer Society, which suggests that, in the main, the 17 million British online shoppers take online security seriously.

Over 90% said that they took precautions when purchasing online, including ensuring that they’re using a secure web site, and installing and using antivirus and anti-spyware tools.

"The fact that the British public are ensuring that their computers are protected from the potential pitfalls of the internet is very encouraging," said BCS chief David Clarke. "Without taking these precautions, users can run into many problems, including losing files or releasing personal banking information with the serious risk of being defrauded or having their ID cloned."

However, 32% said that they didn’t totally trust their online banking services.

Whilst this survey sounds promising, I’m a little sceptical given other research that suggests PC users don’t have decent virus protection on their home PCs.

Andy Merrett
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