Stuff4Me reckons it can help men who've messed up on the Christmas presents

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stuff4me.gif’tis the week before Christmas, and so time for some more depressing shopping news – this time from an e-commerce site that wants to flog you virtual gifts.

A worrying 18% of British men will leave their Christmas shopping until the very last minute. They’ve already missed the last posting dates, and are in danger of missing even the extended deadlines offered by online retailers such as Amazon. reckon that they’ve got the answer for those men who’ve not managed to get presents for the kids in their life (they’re still going to get into trouble with their wives/girlfriends, then)

By depositing funds on the web site, an e-card email will be sent to the child telling them that they’ve got money to spend on the site which contains over 500 gift items. It’s also supposed to cover the times that you don’t want to get the wrong present for a picky child.

I’m not sure that a child who expects a nice big present (or ten) under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning is going to be mighty impressed with an email telling them they can buy a present on the Internet that won’t arrive for weeks.

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