Sony PS3 video special: MotorStorm and Ridge Racer 7 racing games


If I have a criticism of the PS3’s launch line-up, it’s that it’s a bit predictable. Sure, all the key console genres are represented – sports, driving, Halo first-person shooters etc. But they’re mostly a case of being same-old same-old, except with much better graphics. And while it’s nice to ooh and aah at the textures, the games don’t exactly grab you by the scruff of the neck.

That said, MotorStorm does look very nice indeed. It’s Sony’s off-road racer, which can be loosely summarised as ‘Burnout, except on mountains’. It’s got great slow-mo crashes and perilous drops, and the handling feels bouncy enough to create muchos fun. Here’s a vid from last night.

Meanwhile, a Sony console launch wouldn’t be the same without a Ridge Racer, so Ridge Racer 7 was being shown off last night too. It’s…. well, if you love Ridge Racer, you’ll love it. The rest of us will probably pass it by.

Still, it’s a good hint at PS3’s potential power on the graphical front. That’s why ShinyKat skidded around so much in the video below. To show you the scenery and roadside textures. Honest. Oh, alright, we weren’t very good at driving in a straight line.

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  • The ps3 just keeps looking better and better.
    too bad they keep delaying the release. Hopefully when it finally comes out it will have been worth the wait.

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