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Going away from the usual ultra-sleekness, the Bennie and Olive Pulp Fiction iPod cases put your iPod in a hollowed-out book with a gleefully lurid cover. Though the white earbuds hanging out will undo any anti-pickpocket aura this might impart, your iPod will indeed be unlikely to pick up the usual scuffs and scrapes. Available in such hard-boiled titles as “Scavengers in Space” and “Hotel Fever”. $69 USD. [GT]

Bennie and Olive store [via Chip Chick]

Gabrielle Taylor
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One thought on “Pulp Fiction iPod Case

  • Great News for Bennie and Olive Fans!

    http://www.bennieandolive.com has been revamped to include an online store that ships goods internationally. Previously Bennie and Olive’s cute and clever wares were available on sites that only shipped in North America or the USA. That’s why we decided to create our own store- now we are able to send Bennie and Olive to our many fans in other countries.

    Check out old favourites like our “Pulp Fiction” iPod cases and the “Cameo” belt buckle or take a look at some of our new products like the “Blue Roses” vintage fabric handbag or the “Sardine Can” catnip toy for your pet.

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