LaCie Huby: Stylish Firewire and USB hub

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laciehuby.jpgHubs aren’t renowned for their great aesthetics. They’re functional, sure, but not usually very attractive. Now LaCie have unveiled their Huby (pronounced hub-ee) combined Firewire and USB hub done out in white curves, twistable cables, and multi-coloured indicator LEDs.

Designed by Ora-Ïto, it features four USB ports and two FireWire ports, and comes bundled with 8 flexible, twistable cables (5 USB 2.0 & 3 FireWire 400), a USB fan and light, a USB extension cable and a FireWire 400 extension cable.

Not surprisingly it connects up to a spare USB and FireWire 400 port. It doesn’t appear to be compatible with FireWire 800.

It’s a powered hub so there shouldn’t be much limitation on what you can connect up to it. Eight LEDs in different colours (white, violet, green, red, yellow, orange, blue and pink) show what devices are plugged in.

Ora-Ïto also designed the LaCie Brick desktop hard drive.

The Huby will be available for around $79. UK availability and processing to be confirmed.


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