Lindy combine mousepad and 4-port USB hub, and light it up

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I find that I rarely use a mouse pad these days, as my laser mouse works quite happily on my wooden desk, but if I were to then I might try Lindy’s new illuminated mouse pad complete with a 4-port USB 2.0 hub.

Though I haven’t seen a spec sheet for it my presumption (always good for being told I’m wrong) is that it’s not a powered bus, so you’ll probably only get away with low-drain devices (all the really useful things like Christmas trees and mug warmers and fans, plus maybe a camera and iPod dock.

If you’re prone to losing your mouse then a glowing blue perimeter on your mat might be just what you need. It looks quite swish (the pink mouse doesn’t come with it), and should help with your USB-overloaded digital life.

It costs a very reasonable £14.99.

Lindy web site

Andy Merrett
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