Lenovo enter laptop battery book of remembrance


Apple, Dell, Toshiba, and now Lenovo: yes another swathe of batteries due for recall because the lithium-ion cell was supplied by Sony.

Lenovo are recalling 526,000 batteries issued since February 2005 with particular serial numbers, though they say it will only affect around 5-10% of the notebook computers they’ve produced. It follows an incident where a ThinkPad T43 caught fire at LA International Airport (presumably at the time it would’ve been allowed on a flight – good job it wasn’t)

Lenovo say that the way they put batteries in their notebook computers is different from other manufacturers. It’s obviously still not immune from the lithium-ion core which is flammable and always carries this risk.

I’m wondering if this is the last recall or if any more manufacturers are going to recall batteries. Roll on silver-zinc batteries, perhaps?

Andy Merrett
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