Silver-zinc batteries debut as next-gen to lithium-ion


Zinc Matrix Power has unveiled its new rechargeable battery technology at the Intel Developers Forum, based on silver-zinc instead of lithium-ion currently used in many modern rechargeable batteries.

They see three main advantages that their amalgamation of silver, zinc and water have over the current technology:

1. Safer: in the light of the recent overheating and catching fire of laptop batteries, this is a major plus
2. Performance: more battery life
3. More environmentally friendly: battery cells can be easily recycled and reused.

The batteries are expected to be available to manufacturers for evaluation and testing in early 2007.

Arthur N. Budge, Jr., chairman of Zinc Matrix Power, said “We believe our battery has the potential to change the game much like lithium-ion did with its introduction in the early 90’s.”

Andy Merrett
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  • I wonder how they will compare in size? will they get even smaller? how sweet would that be, smaller, and more capacity!!

  • The missing question — will we be able to replace our lithium-ion firetraps with these new-fangled contraptions without having to buy new notebooks/cameras/cellphones?

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