Gear4's SonicBoom sound system for PSP

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Nothing to do with the speed of sound (or an obscure 80s indie star), SonicBoom is actually Gear4’s latest sound system, designed specifically for the Sony PSP.

The Gear4 SonicBoom compact 2.1 stereo speaker system lets you bypass the PSP’s internal audio, instead offering you some “room-filling” output when you hook it up to your PSP (or MP3 player) via the dock. Or if you want to stay hands on with your console, a 2m FreeStyle cable gives you that freedom too.

The speaker unit offers 2.4w per channel from the two speakers and 9.6w from the subwoofer. There’s also improved sound depth via ActiveBass technology. And of course, if your console is docked, it’s getting a charge.

Available now, you can pick one up for £49.99.

Gear4 website

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