RadioScape offers RSC03 DAB clock radio subsystem to manufacturers


Fancy selling your own line of DAB clock radios? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, with a bulk of the work available off the shelf, courtesy of the RSC03 DAB clock radio subsystem from RadioScape.

The company already offers DAB/FM modules – the new subsystem adds to that functionality, whilst still reducing manufacturing costs, design complexity and the time needed to get a new product to market. Features incorporated into the new subsystem include an auto back light dimming option, off-air time update, automatic daylight saving, 3 programmable alarms, five presets, Sleep and Snooze.

The RadioScape RSC03 only requires an external DC power supply, speaker, LCD display, button board, and enclosure to complete the product. The need for a motherboard is eliminated as the power supply and audio amplifiers are fully integrated into the subsystem – reducing the manufacturing steps to just one assembly run.

A number of firms have already started production of DAB clock radios using the RSC03, which will be in the shops soon.

RadioScape website

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