Christmas stocking filler gadgets: Must have keyrings


keyringgadgets.pngKeyrings are great for holding keys, aren’t they, and they often come with a collection of appendages for doing useful things. Here are three suggestions for making your collection of keys a bit more interesting.

Farting Keyring

Oh c’mon, you know there are times when you’d really want one of these. The bumph suggests that it only makes the noise of breaking wind, so if you need the smell too, you’ll have to be a bit more resourceful. It’s only £4.99 though, and takes three AG13 batteries which are included.

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Excuse Ball

In a fix and need an excuse? Get it covered with this handy excuse ball that’s also a keyring. “My dog ate it”, “Full moon”, “No hablo Ingleses” (yeah right) and “I was mugged” (didn’t take the tat though, eh?) are just some of the inspired excuses you can call upon. Obviously made for rubbish liars who can’t string their own fabrication together. Just £2.50

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Sim card protector

This will backup the contents of your SIM card, up to 255 phone numbers, so if something nasty happens to your phone then you can retrieve your numbers for the new one. What happens if this keyring gets nicked?

You’ll have to remember to back up the card every so often. Personally I’d rather use Bluetooth to backup to PC, but maybe I’m not the target audience.

Costs £7.50

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