Christmas stocking filler gadgets: Desktop basketball and desktop darts


desktopbasketballdarts.jpgOK so these aren’t exactly high-tech gadgets, but everyone needs at least one silly toy on their desk, don’t they? Just think how proud you’ll be when you go back to the office in the New Year with one or both of these fun little distractions to play with. None of your new-fangled USB stuff, here, just good old-fashioned plastic, magnets and manual dexterity.

First up is Desktop Basketball, which contains two launchers, two basketballs, 1 backboard, and instructions, and costs a mere £4.99. What better way to distract people from working? Extra points for getting the basketball in someone’s coffee.

Next up is Desktop Darts, featuring a free-standing board and 3 magnetic darts. It even comes with rules and history of the game, if you care. Also £4.99

Desktop Basketball
Desktop Darts

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