Buffalo's iPod-shaped USB mouse


It’s not only other MP3 players that are copying the iPod’s looks – non-music playing devices are catching the bug too. And to illustrate the point, check out this Buffalo USB mouse, just launched in Japan.

Yes, it’s slim (just 8mm thick) and features an iPod-style scrollwheel in place of your wheel. The scrollwheel rotates to control a window’s vertical scroll bar, but pressing the left or right edges scrolls horizontally in that direction. There’s also a retractable USB cable.

Whether this new type of mouse sits as comfortably in your hand as a traditional mouse remains to be seen. It’s sized at 9.4 x 4 x 0.8cm – and a quick glance at the tape measure suggests not. Available in Japan for the equivalent of £29.

Buffalo website

Via The Register

Dave Walker
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