UK under siege by spam


Experts from two computer security firms, Barracuda and Postini, have warned that the increasing volume and sophistication of spam is putting the Internet and its users under a state of siege.

They suggest that as many as 9 out of 10 emails are unsolicited.

In the past, smug Internet gurus have pointed the blame at people who manage their email accounts badly and don’t have adequate filtering in place (or was that me?), but now IT administrators and home users alike are being hit with a continual flood of email pitching all sorts of rubbish.

We’ve reported on the rise of image spam, and the spam state of the UK before. This just continues to confirm the deluge most of us face.

Daniel Druker, Postini’s executive vice president, said: “Spam has evolved from a tool for nuisance hackers and annoying marketers to one for criminal enterprises. Spammers are increasingly aggressive and sophisticated in their techniques, and protection from spam has become a front-burner issue again.”

Andy Merrett
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