UK is a nation swamped by spam


email.pngA new survey suggests that 85% of UK households receive unsolicited emails every day. 14.4m home users are exposed to unsolicited and harmful spam, but only 4% have any email filtering in place.

74 million unwanted emails come into the UK’s email inboxes each day (whether that includes those risqué one your mates insist on sending to you I’m not sure)

The UK is 7th in the league of spam email circulation according to the Spamhaus filtering/blacklisting service.

Chris Williams, broadband expert at, who commissioned the survey, said: “This criminal activity is a huge concern as it’s growing at such a staggering rate. In August 2005 there were 160 phishing incidents reported; in August 2006 these figures leapt 800 percent to 1,484. And with phishing losses reaching £23.2 million in 2005 it’s costing us over £63,000 a day.”

Andy Merrett
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