Spaceframe Sculpture Kit for your kids, yeah, that's it



Declared one of the top 25 best products of the year by Fortune, the Spaceframe Sculpture Kit is so freaking cool looking that you’ll be trying to figure out how to build your own fort. Made from 100% recyclable polyester, it’s basically a giant polyester (so washable and unlikely to injure) building set that can be turned into a fort, playhouse, or just a giant green indoor sculpture. Each kit contains 4 big panels, 4 small panels, 4 large trapezoids and 8 small trapezoids. Obviously you can buy more than one kit and allow your child to, as they say, “develop urban planning skills at an early age” – or maybe build a fort big enough for yourself. $170 USD. [GT]

Spaceframe Sculpture Kit

Gabrielle Taylor
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