Social networking site of the day: Zebo


zebo.jpgWhat’s this all about then?
Zebo claims to be “the world’s largest repository of what people own”. In other words, a social networking site where you meet people based on your possessions. Like a virtual version of those clubs where footballers hang out in, kind of.

So what can I do on it?
Create a profile, talk about what you own (and what you want) with friends and strangers alike, rate products, get tips and advice from other members, and best of all share photos of all your blingiest stuff. Or your startled-looking cats, in my case. Nobody’s made me an offer for them yet though.

So it’s basically a way for some shadowy Web 2.0 company to collect information on my buying habits, then sell me stuff?
There’s quite possibly an element of that, yes. Zebo has a bunch of products available to buy. For example, today’s new items include a Justice League Adventures comic, a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium baby-bouncer, and a thousand-piece Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t like ’em
That’s okay, every product has the option to rate whether it’s ‘In’ or ‘Out’ on a scale of 1 to 10, as well as the option to post more detailed comments. But if you do like products, you can add them to your Zebo wishlist. If the company gets bought by Google for billions of dollars, the first thing they’ll do is buy you all your items. Probably.

It all seems a bit… commercial
It’s true that a social network based entirely around consumerism does prove that we’re living in truly materialistic times. But the advice and recommendation features could be a useful alternative to regular consumer-review sites, particuarly if you build up a network of contacts who like the same stuff you do, and whose opinions you respect enough to influence your buying decisions.

Or Zebo could just sell my demographic info to The Man
Yes, that too.

Stuart Dredge
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