Get a blood-spattered tape recorder from The Saw 3

eBay goodies from Bayraider

the-saw-3-taperecorder.JPGNo, this gore-decorated dictaphone hasn’t been taken from a journalist who asked Madonna a too-cheeky question about her adoption. Instead, it’s a prop from the final scene of gruesome horror film The Saw 3 (note to East Anglians, that’s the bit you missed after fainting earlier on in the movie). The tape recorder plays a key role in the plot, as serial killer Jigsaw ops to end the film with a flourish. And now it’s attracting dozens of bids on eBay, taking the price beyond $700.

Also today on Bayraider: one of Alyson Hannigan’s old outfits from when she played Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and an ermine fur cape that belonged to Hollywood legend Jean Harlow. They’d work well together, I think.

Stuart Dredge
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