Skype upgrades Mac software for sms messaging and conference calling


Skype has upgraded its software for the mac to Skype 2.5 Beta for Mac, which boosts functionality, in particular for sms messaging and conference calling.

The latest version of Skype for Mac alows you to send an SMS message to any mobile phone number in the world – select a SkypeOut contact, enter a mobile phone number or select a Skype contact’s mobile phone number in their profile. Users can also now hold conference calls with up to nine other people. Calls can be made to Skype contacts for free and to landlines and mobiles for a fee, via SkypeOut.

Also new is the option to choose which audio device you want to use during incoming and outbound calling. If you prefer to listen to calls you receive through headphones but make a call using a speakerphone, it’s now possible.

You can download the latest software by visiting the Skype website.

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