Rimax B-Twin portable media player with built-in speaker

MP3 players

Rimax has been busy of late, tempting us with the Mystic VoIP phone.MP3 player last month and now offering the Rimax B-Twin – a portable media player with built-in speaker for under £70.

Not exactly the biggest screen to watch your MPEG4 videos at 1.8-inch – or indeed to view the JPEG or GIF files it’s compatible with, but there’s plenty other features to make it worth a look. The audio player covers a range of formats, including MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF and WAV. There’s also an FM radio, with 20 presets and the option to record off the radio.

There’s also voice recording, a loudspeaker if you don’t fancy using the headphones, two headphone sockets if you do and want to share, two games and a reachargeable battery that should offer 4-6 hours of power.

Available now in either 1GB or 2GB size, prices start at £69.99.

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Dave Walker
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