Robot Guinea Pig with animatronic carrot



You turn the key in the lock and step into your darkened flat, and suddenly, a bright-eyed ball of fluff charges you! It’s Gupi, the robotic guinea pig, expressing love the only way he knows how (aside from sharing his “magic carrot”). He has sensors in his eyes and legs, which allow him to figure out pretty much how to get around your place and not fall off or over things, 30 different sounds, and his reaction varies depending on the example you set. If you mistreat or ignore him, he hides (and possibly leaves silicon pellets in your pants drawer) and if you pet him, he frolics. Also, you can have more than one (they’ll develop relationships) without worrying about a Pigs is Pigs situation. £40.


Gupi the Robotic Guinea Pig

Gabrielle Taylor
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