R100 Personal Robot is so darn cute



Okay. Usually whatever I have to say is funnier than whatever they have to say, especially if what they’re saying is serious. But I can’t do better than to quote directly from the Personal Robot R100 site: A prototype research robot designed to live with you at home as a useful and lovable partner. But here’s the thing: it really does look as cute and harmless and maybe even… lovable… as a useful friendly little housebot should! If I woke up with it peering at me I might feel as though the world were a better place. And that’s not all! It has the usual raft of voice rec, smart navigation around objects and stairs, it sees, hears, talks, and reads your email, gauges the intention of your touch (so to speak), responds to changes in light and temperature, and is generally designed to be friendly. It even sings. [GT]

R100 Personal Robot [via UberGizmo]

Gabrielle Taylor
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