Mii Stor Snow drive – 4GB flash drive made from diamonds and white gold


Ideal for internet millionaires, the Snow drive from Mii Store can keep those vital files to hand, as well as showing off your new-found wealth.

The Snow drive is actually just a Sandisk 4GB drive under it’s luxurious exterior. But file storage isn’t the main selling point here – it’s all about the bling. Ther casing is made from 18ct white gold. And if that’s not enough, it’s hand set with three strips of 1.44ct white diamonds – 96 in total. Oh yes – and there’s a white gold chain too.

So if you’ve just sold a business to Google, this is an ideal way of carrying round your essential files and folders. And the £9,950 price tag should be a drop in the ocean too.

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Dave Walker
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