One minute preview: Nikon's entry-level DSLR the D40


This one may seem a little weird: Nikon has launched a camera that actually seems to have gone backwards technologically speaking. The D50 is its current entry level camera, but now there’s the D40, a smaller, cheaper version designed to appeal to 30-something year old men (we say poo poo to that) and family types. Actually, though the name, size and price suggest that this is a lesser camera than the D50, the D40 has an awful lot on board that the D50 lacks. In-camera editing, for instance, which includes things like D-Lighting, for cleaning up dark shots, and red eye removal. There’s also the small matter of the processing engine, which is the same one the superior (and recently announced) D80 uses.
There are full details over at Shiny Shiny.

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