Green search engine will plant you a tree for free


litegreen.pngTomorrow sees the start of National Tree Week (November 22nd – December 3rd), an event that has been organised by the Tree Council since 1975, and which has been responsible for the planting of 20m trees over the years

To help the initiative, the ‘green’ online information portal has promised to plant one tree on behalf of each person who registers for free at their site before Christmas. After that, they’ll plant another tree for every £50 that’s spent via their web site.

Litegreen is a portal that only features products from companies that have been vetted for their impact on the environment and policies towards workers rights. It could be a great time to sign up, anyway, if you’ve got any ‘eco-friends’ to buy Christmas presents for.

Anyway, where else can you get a tree planted for you simply by providing your name and email address?

Andy Merrett
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