Get a Balloon Art Borat on eBay

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balloon-art-borat.JPGIf you’re a proud Kazakhstan citizen, you should probably skip this story. See, hapless documentary-maker Borat is making quite a name for himself on the big-screen at the moment. And now he’s been immortalised in… balloons.

Yep, one balloon artist has sworn off sausage dogs in favour of creating a realistic-looking Borat. And now he’s selling it on eBay for $20,000, according to Bayraider. That’s going to be one fragile parcel when he ships it to the winning bidder though.

Also today on Bayraider: a Scary Guy gear-shift knob designed by Metallica frontman James Hetfield, and a replica box from Smallville, used to store your kryptonite necklaces in. You do have some, right?

Stuart Dredge
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