Apple's Core 2 Duo MacBooks now in store



Apple today have released their latest line of computers to sport Core 2 Duo chips. Hot on the heels of the MacBook Pro and latest iMacs, it now boasts 25% better performance than the previous MacBooks.

It sports a 13 inch widescreen glossy TFT display, allowing up to 1280×800 resolution. Choose from a processor speed of either 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz, 2MB/4MB shared L2 cache, 667MHz system bus, up to 2GB of RAM, up to 120GB hard drive, up to 6xSuperDrive, a 64MB Intel GMA 950 graphics processor, built in iSight camera, Front Row software and remote control, 1×400 Firewire, 2xUSB ports, built-in microphone, gigabit Ethernet, and Airport Extreme.

It’s also got Apple’s innovative MagSafe power connector which automatically disconnects if it’s accidentally tripped and pulled on.

Whilst it doesn’t pack quite the same punch as a MacBook Pro, it’s still a very capable and stylish machine, available in either black (top range 2.0GHz version) or white (other models) casing. It starts at £749, with the 2.0GHz 120GB hard drive version costing £999.

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Andy Merrett
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