Apple updates iMac range with stunning 24-incher


It’s product launches like this that really convince me how much of an Apple fanboy I really am. I was going to apologise to you all for spouting about the new Apple iMacs, but actually… no… these are damn fine gorgeous machines and I’m gonna shout about them!

Turn away now if you’re easily offended by great design.

The iMacs have had an overhaul and are now available with Intel Dual Core 2 Duo processors ranging in clock speed from 1.83GHz up to 2.33GHz.

Apple’s top of the line iMac is now a gorgeously-crafted 24-inch widescreen affair, 20% larger screen real-estate than the 20 inch model, with resolution up to 1920×1200 and backed up by a NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT graphics card with 128MB GDDR3 memory.

Unlike their big cousins (the Mac Pros) all models come with Airport Extreme built in. All but the entry-level iMac also comes with Bluetooth. They’re all complete with an iSight camera built-in, Gigabit Ethernet, Apple Remote, 2xFirewire, 3xUSB, mini-DVI out (for more monitor or projection connection goodness), stereo speakers, microphone and optical audio jacks.

There’s enough Apple software to get started with including iLife 06 and Front Row. And of course as with all these new breed Macs, the possibility of running Windows on them too.

The 17 inch 1.83 GHz iMac starts at £679 which I reckon is not bad at all. Whilst these machines don’t have the (almost) overkill expandability of the Pro machines, they give some serious performance for the money, with the 24 inch 2.16GHz version at £1349.01 (yeah, not sure about the 1p)

More Apple goodness here we come. A much appreciated upgrade and now the whole Mac family are over to Intel. Methinks it’s definitely time for a new computer…

UK Apple Store has all the juicy specs for all 4 machines (2×17 inch, 20 inch, new 24 inch)

Andy Merrett
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  • Oh we can. It happens time and time again. Any tech, in fact nearly anything.

    The only thing that can be said is that it’s across the board, not just Apple. We’ll pay over the odds for most tech gear and consumables. Crazy. But I still want one!

  • That is serious performance for the dollar, ie CDN dollar.

    Our price is CDN$2249 for the 24in. That equtes today to 1082 british lbs.

    I can’t believe how Apple jacks up the margins outside North America!

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