A Year of Living Generously: online group seeking to do good to the planet


livinggenerously.jpgThe website “A Year of Living Generously” started on a small scale in September 2004 when 100 people got together to try to be more generous and good to the environment for a whole year.

The idea grew in popularity, and now over 1000 people are signed up, doing the ‘small things’ that don’t always feel like they’re making any difference: recycling, stopping using carrier bags, dumping junk mail, car sharing, being a blood donor, sharing a meal…

Here’s how the site says it works:

When you become a member (it’s free, by the way) we mail you with different actions and relevant resources if you want to go for it. Usually we mail about twice a month, but it’s nothing heavy. Generous is not about guilt – it’s about inspiration and shared ideas. And it’s not about how many actions any of us can do – all our situations are different. It’s a community, not a competition.

As well as engaging in the different actions, posting your own responses and advice/inspiration is important. When you’ve put a plastic brick in your cistern, switched to public transport or invited someone you don’t know that well round for a meal… post a comment describing how it worked, or suggest a related action others could consider. Our shared wisdom is priceless.

Check it out – it’s great to have this kind of resource online and prove that there are a lot of people doing little things that can help make our world a better place. Generous

Andy Merrett
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