The MP3 player that adapts to your footsteps

MP3 players

personalsoundtrack.jpg“Welcome to your first symbiotic relationship with a machine,” says the website for PersonalSoundtrack, although that might not be strictly true if you’ve followed Russell Brand’s example and gotten jiggy with a Henry vacuum cleaner. But I digress.

PersonalSoundtrack is a tiny wearable computer, which tracks your walking or running speed, and plays suitable tunes from your music library. Y’know, chilled ambient if you’re strolling, pounding techno if you’re running on a treadmill, and crashing new metal if your feet are still, but you’re sliding down a mountain at high-speed on a board.

It’s not just for fitness freaks though – happily, the device “supports meandering, wasting time and loitering”. A prototype was shown off at the recent DorkBot show in LA, with plans to produce a smaller version that’s the size of an iPod.

Stuart Dredge
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