Get a screen-used Segway from Arrested Development

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arrested-development-segway.jpgAnd yes, before you ask, it’s had the software update to stop you falling off it. And that was a feature, in any case, not a bug. Really.

Anyway, this Segway was used in the marvellous US sitcom Arrested Development, and belonged to the character Gob, who did a chicken dance on it in one episode. And now it’s on sale on eBay. Also today on Bayraider: get your own Madame Tussauds waxwork made, and buy Madonna’s customised Doc Martens. They’re cheaper than a baby from Malawi!

Stuart Dredge
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One thought on “Get a screen-used Segway from Arrested Development

  • I would like to say that I am interested in your segway. I walk to work, I am not sure if your willing to get rid of that machine but I would be so content to have it.

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