SoundID Personal Sound Systems

Mobile phones


‘Just step over there if you want some privacy,’ you say, fingering your SoundID in your pocket. Although this is technically a hearing aid – a powerful hearing aid at that – it seems inevitable that it’ll be used for everything from eavesdropping on celebrities in public to eavesdropping on your lascivious neighbors. It’s incredibly tiny, as hearing aids are wont to be, and has up to four modes. Amplification mode enhances sound in the immediate area, blanking background noise and kicking up conversation volume. Phone mode lets you pair with a (here’s where that comes in) Bluetooth phone so you’re not constantly shouting “WHAT? WHAT?” Then there’s CompanionLink, which involves a microphone paired to your SoundID, and One2One, which connects two SoundIDs so neither of you has to shout “WHAT? WHAT?” The SoundMate model, with Phone, CompanionLink and One2One is $249 USD, where the SoundFlavor has all four plus a wireless mic, at $699. [GT] [via Gizmodo]

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